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INSIGHTS #50 - Mukesh Bansal on leveraging physical & mental fitness to achieve peak performance

Episode Summary

The 50th episode of Insights Podcast sees the return of Mukesh Bansal, founder of Cure.Fit and author of ‘No Limits: The Art and Science of High Performance’. To learn more about Mukesh’s decade long entrepreneurship journey and the key habits that have helped him along the way, tune in to the latest episode of the Insights Podcast by Accel

Episode Notes

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Mukesh shares how his journey as a leader has evolved over the last decade and in times of COVID, what got him to write a book, and how he manages to carve out time to give back to the community.

The podcast deals with some of the most relevant topics in today’s times: focusing on holistic health, improving performance, and giving back.


02:10 – Productivity in COVID times

03:39 – Settling into the new rhythm of running the company

05:36 – Executing fast through decentralized decision making

09:36 – Hacks for managing personal physical & mental fitness

13:04 – Cracking the performance code: No Limits

18:09 – Importance of introspecting about purpose

20:39 – Long term strategic thinking and daily healthy habits

24:00 – Supporting the Olympic Gold Quest initiative 

26:14 – ACT Grants and Bharat Health Stack

27:50 – Rapid Fire Round