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INSIGHTS #51 - Alex Lazarow on looking beyond Silicon Valley for global innovation

Episode Summary

In this episode, we hear from Alex Lazarow, VC at Cathay Innovation, and author of ‘Out-Innovate: How Global Entrepreneurs--from Delhi to Detroit--Are Rewriting the Rules of Silicon Valley’, on the key aspects of the global entrepreneurial landscape and innovating at the frontier.

Episode Notes

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Alex throws light on how the entrepreneurs from frontier markets are reinventing startup best practices and offering a brand new playbook for innovation that looks different from that of startups in the valley.

The podcast centres around the shift of innovation from the silicon valley to the global playground. Alex talks about the incredible stories of entrepreneurs in emerging markets who maneuver challenging environments to build resilient sustainable businesses that create large social impact.

To hear more from Alex on global innovation trends, tune in to the latest episode of the Insights Podcast by Accel



02:31 – Genesis of ‘Out-Innovate’, the book

04:44 – Future is at the frontier: Innovation increasingly coming from emerging markets

08:49 – Social impact of creators

16:59 – The camel approach: Building sustainability from Day 1

20:50 – Going global from the Get-go

23:55 – Frontier innovators = Ecosystem builders