SEED TO SCALE Podcast Series by Accel

INSIGHTS #54 - Farid & Shashank on starting up in college

Episode Summary

In the podcast, Shashank and Farid take us through their respective journeys, right from the initial experiments they did, projects they worked on before arriving at the business idea of today, to the challenges that they had to overcome along the journey. To learn more about how to build the next big startup right out of your college or school, tune in to the latest episode of the Insights Podcast by Accel Notes: 01:43 – India’s moment of Zuckerberg/ Bill Gates stories 04:55 – Early days that shaped them 08:50 – College life: realizing their true calling 18:53 – Landing on the idea 30:15 – Advice to student entrepreneurs today 41:56 – Best markets to go after for students

Episode Notes

In today’s special episode of the INSIGHTS podcast on ‘student entrepreneurship’, we cover the journeys of two well-known founders in the startup community whose entrepreneurial journeys started right from their college days: Shashank Murali from Tapchief and Farid Ahsan from Sharechat.

We hear from Shashank and Farid on their early life and college days, how they decided to take up entrepreneurship, how they arrived on the idea they went after, how they worked progressively to build their companies, and finally how they would do it differently if they were to do it all over again. 

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